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Where your communities best ideas become your new revenue stream

Monetize your content with viewer funded content ideas

YouCould enables you to add a transparent and secure income stream that is not influenced by algorithms. Your audience will join up to financially support the best content ideas from the community and create a set payout before you start on the project.


Creators keep 90% of all money from opportunities – fair and transparent monetization is our mission!

Showcase your talent and grow your audience 

YouCould opportunities open to everyone allow you to showcase your talent to new audiences. With its connection to all relevant social media platforms YouCould naturally spreads its opportunities into the audiences’ communities, allowing you to gain new followers to grow your reach. 

Engage with your audience while fulfilling their biggest wishes

Opportunities funnel your audiences’ feedback and wishes to you and naturally supply you with new and exciting content ideas.


YouCould also provides you with the perfect tool to challenge your audience to fun and interactive contests, while handling all logistics for you. 

YouCould is the place to monetize with your communities most demanded content

As individual as the content you create

You are free to choose which opportunities you want to accept and work on next, all based on your schedule and creative preferences. You can also always decline opportunities you do not want to accept.


Interested in exploring different content? Browse opportunities open to everyone and get at it. YouCould is as individual as the creators we serve.

Your risk-free entry point into Web3

YouCould will offer you a way to monetize via Web3 and include your audience in creative projects without the major risks or commitment associated with the Web3 space today.


We believe in leaving you in full control over your IP, fan relationship and creative process and think Web3 will bring many exciting ways for creators to gain independence from big content platforms.

Become a Partner

Find out how to best utilize YouCould for your creative business now – get in touch!

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