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The Content Market-Network

Content defined by all of us

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Viewer-Creator Interaction Redefined

The most interactive funding tool - ever

On YouCould everyone can initiate & sponsor their favorite content ideas for others to create

Complementary for all content, social media, and live-streaming platforms

Short video, multi-episode series, or podcast, request anything you desire

YouCould Logo - 06.06.21 dark backg..png

empowers Viewers & Creators

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Simple and easy - within a few steps - you are able to create literally everything.


4 simple steps to create your content opportunity

Request your favorite creator or challenge the whole web

Easily spread the word and join forces with others to make your content idea a reality

Get Rewarded & Grow

On YouCould creators directly earn money & rewards upon creation of the requested content

As a creator, interact with your audience in a new, exciting & interactive way


Web 2.0 & Web 3.0 

We want to combine state-of-the-art technology with the inevitable future blockchain technology is providing. We want to pave this way with the best of both worlds.


We plan to include our audience in our journey by offering an NFT Shareholder Token. This token will help us to build YouCould and realize its positive impact for the creator economy. The token will be your entry ticket to our web 3.0 ecosystem, including our DAO & WeCould Foundation. Additionally, it will be underlined by an NFT art collection symbolizing our story.


We want to take co-creation to the next level and are strong believers in having a positive impact. With YouCould we want to build something to be proud of that will give back to creators, hold up high standards and empower positive, quality content in an ecosystem increasingly driven by click-numbers.


We hope you are as thrilled as we are and join us on our journey

You are a Content-Creator?

We're happy to introduce you to our benefits for


YouCould is customized for you: transparent, fun and rewarding for you and your audience

YouCould's Roadmap

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