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Why we are building YouCould

Hello dear readers,

Welcome to our first blog post for YouCould. In this blog we want to give you a brief overview of what has moved us to start building this company and a short teaser of what we hope to achieve with it. We will try to update you regularly on our journey towards Go-Live in 2023. Lets get started:

Content creation has had a remarkable journey over the past 20 years. From the early beginnings of shaky home videos and radio streams for eSports, a multi-billion-dollar industry has been built, along with all the good and bad that entails. Many content creators have been able to build their passions into careers and create a stable income with them. We at YouCould applaud this development and hope that the creator economy will be able to support these kinds of careers for a long time. Content creation is not only a career though. For many it can be a fun and casual activity on the side, done to entertain friends, talk about a hobby or make some small income. Our platform aims to include creators of all sizes and backgrounds and unite them with their audiences to co-create the most demanded content.

Today, everyone can be a creator and we want to support every person that wants to put their content out there. This is where the vision of YouCould comes in. With YouCould we want to build a platform that will empower content creators and their audiences and help them ideate and produce quality content for the foreseeable future. YouCould wants to help free creators from the major problems that the industry has produced over time, and work to mitigate them on the quest for great content.

Over time, power in the creator economy has consolidated into the hands of a few big players. They control who gets to see what and with that influence the entire content creation process:

  • Their algorithms decide which videos and creators are seen and found by their viewership

  • Advertisement and other revenues are funneled through their platforms and huge parts are kept away from the actual drivers of value: creators!

  • Clicks are the all-determining factor in content success, free of any evaluation of quality, values, and originality

Thus, content creation is no longer solely influenced by a story waiting to be told, a topic an audience desperately wants to hear about or the new format a creator wants to explore. Content creation as we know it is being tainted from the inside; behind all content decisions creators now make is the overarching question: Will it satisfy the algorithm? Making your content algorithm friendly has become a daily chore for creators and something that weighs heavily on all their content and channel decisions. Many creators have seen their audiences evaporate over a few video releases that stuck with a format that had fallen out of favor with their content platform, and simply had no idea their viewers were no longer being shown their videos.

The effects of this can be seen all over content platforms: Things that are deserving of a long discussion are crammed into 45 seconds tidbits; click-bait titles and thumbnails have become commonplace and reaction videos create millions of clicks without much regard for the original creator.

The YouCould Approach

We are not going to fix all these problems over night, but with YouCould we want to offer an avenue to alleviate them. Our core mission can be summed up as follows:

  • Provide audiences and creators a place to come together to express their interests, creativity and values to create the content they desire together.

  • Reward creators in a fair and transparent way and help them earn their fair share.

  • Give quality content a place to be realized and a stage to shine on.

We hope you share some of our excitement for this journey. We will publish regular updates on this blog and our socials channels – so don’t miss out:

YouCould Twitter

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