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Our journey towards - Our utilisation

How we started

We have been actively working on this project since the summer of 2021. Since then, we have laid the foundations to build YouCould – this includes:

  • Gathering a team of open-minded individuals with deep expertise in their fields

  • Setting up a registered company in Germany & moving into our office

  • Working to build our product including defining the core value, processes and strategy

In 2022 we are looking forward to making the dream of YouCould become a reality with your support. Using state-of-the-art technology we will build YouCould to close the bridge between Web 2.0 & Web 3.0 to create a new creator economy. 


Started development 

 of web front-end & detailed planning of platform backend


Launch of YouCould website


Launch of our Social-Channels: Getting the world out on YouCould, the company we want to create and our DAO project

Start of platform development with our tech team



Getting the word out to creators, viewers and DAO enthusiasts – starting to build the community that will make YouCould unique

Notarial declaration of intent signed by the founding team to ensure the transfer of shares to the WeCould DAO


Q4 2022

YouCould Logo - 06.06.21 dark backg..png
YC Star.png


Q4 2022

Set-up of WeCould DAO together with the community

Q1 2022

YouCould Logo - 06.06.21 dark backg..png


YC Star.png
seed and shooting star.gif
YC Star.png
YC Star.png


Launch of WeCould DAO together with its shareholders 

Uplifting our AR

introducing upcoming

$YouCould Rewards

YC Star.png
YC Star.png

Let's determine the future - together
because WeCould

WeCould DAO

Well kinda simple putting it this way - we are on an edge of an era. An edge that facilitates the opportunity to really better our world. To take this opportunity, DAOs are key to our future. We're sincerely looking forward to the common sense of this realization.

We want to grow everything we're doing into something astonishing - made by us for us. We want to accomplish this with our corporative DAO.


The WeCould DAO owns 10% of the YouCould corporation & the DAO is 100% owned by our shareholders!

Breaking down WeCould DAOs missions:

- Uplifting and co-creating social projects

- Co-creating YouCould platform

- Pre-seed startup investments

A Seed in your hand can grow to something exceptional

Our Universe - Our Values

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